Give today to get underserved rural youth unplugged and outdoors tomorrow! image

Give today to get underserved rural youth unplugged and outdoors tomorrow!

Over 70% of those served by SOLE experience exploring and learning in and about their wildlands for the first time.

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We are fundraising for our leaders of tomorrow...

Can you imagine a world without understanding and appreciating the wonders of nature?

Many rural youth thoughout the Inland Northwest are faced with this reality every day. Over 50% of those SOLE serves qualifying for a free-and-reduced lunch (live in poverty). Coupled with a continued increase in media consumption (over 9.5 hours of non-school related time per day) our rural youth, and the communities where they reside, are facing a growing negative trend - an increase in disconnection from their wildlands leading to a lack of appeciation for, and understanding of, the essential role that these resources play and the benefits that they can provide.

Every year SOLE aims to address this need by providing over 1,200 rural youth affordable access to intentional and transformational to educational experiences outdoors. Without the neccessary financial support each year, SOLE would not be able to adequatly develop, equip, and facilitate these intentional and transformational experiences for our local and regional stakeholders.

Your donation today will ensure that underserved youth in the Inland Northwest and beyond are afforded the opportunity tomorrow to explore, achieve, and lead outdoors depsite existing socio-economic barriers.

The communities of the Inland Northwest rely on our natural resources. From timber to outdoor recreation opportunities, our natural resources is a common thread which we all rely on, day in and day out. As such, it is imperative that we fully understand the natural systems in our local environs, and how to best conserve them for generations to come. In addition, due to proximity these urban and backcountry environs provide the ideal setting to address academic content standards in a relevant manner.

SOLE provides transformational experiential education for our stakeholders, most of whom are rural youth. Many SOLE programs blend place-based education with outdoor education, allowing course participants to develop outdoor living and travel skills coupled with a firm understanding of the wild landscpes that they are traveling in. These interdisciplinary education experiences also provide less tangible outcomes such as social and emotional growth and leadership development.

SOLE's Core Values (Explore, Achieve, Lead, Reach, and Teach) and 4 Care Philosophy (Self, Others, Community, Resources) serves as the foundation of every SOLE Experience, fostering the opportunity to transfer knowledge and new skills into future settings. After all, we believe it is what happens after the SOLE Experience where the rea transformation occurs.

Explore. Achieve. Lead. It's what we do.